CSSA COMMENTARY – There’s No Money in Telling the Truth

December 5, 2014




Politics is all about optics, not reality, so it’s no surprise to see the latest fundraising advertisement from the Liberal Party of Canada attacking Bill C-42 and Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper with a “less than truthful” description of the Common Sense Firearms Licensing Act.


The ad, posted on Facebook, with a link to their fundraising donation page, asks the question:


Where can you take “restricted” firearms?


Below this question are images of two rifles and two handguns from the “restricted” firearms category, then makes the absurd claim that Stephen Harper, through Bill C-42: “thinks guns like these should be able to move anywhere within a province.  Outside busy places like shopping malls, grocery stores and sports arenas.”


The ad directly attacks the provision of Bill C-42 that would make an Authorization to Transport an endorsement on an individual’s firearms license.  By doing so, the government will eliminate duplication and cut the current bloated bureaucratic background checks – something that is already performed when an individual applies for a restricted firearms license or buys or sells a firearm.


Absolutely nothing in Bill C-42 changes “why” and “how” a person must transport a restricted firearm.


A second ad states that Stephen Harper is taking law-making powers away from the police and giving them to politicians. The total absurdity of empowering those that enforce laws with the creation of those same laws is second only to the ludicrous notion that the representatives we democratically elect should abdicate that legislative power to those that enforce our country’s statutes. Indeed, there is so much wrong with this sentiment that it seems proof of the Liberals’ incompetency to govern a democracy.


The Liberal Party of Canada and its leader Justin Trudeau know the real truth regarding Bill C-42, but there’s no fundraising to be had in telling that truth.  There is, however, a lot of money to be made by turning the truth on its head, which is precisely what the Liberal Party is doing with these ridiculous fundraising ads.


The only thing Bill C-42 changes about Authorizations to Transport restricted firearms is to cut a useless and wasteful bureaucracy out of government, a bureaucracy that exists for no meaningful public safety purpose.


If the state deems an individual “safe” enough to own handguns and/or certain long guns, is there any rational reason to believe those same individuals will suddenly turn into dangerous maniacs simply because one less bureaucrat is looking over their shoulder?


Of course not, but that’s precisely what the Liberal Party of Canada and its leader Justin Trudeau want Canadians to believe.


Our nation’s most law-abiding citizens, licensed firearm owners, are vetted repeatedly by the RCMP.  Systems in place already run every licensed firearm owner against the CPIC database to ensure we are compliant with ALL laws, not just firearm laws.  Every single day.


Should someone violate the law in some other fashion, the RCMP will re-examine that individual’s eligibility to own firearms immediately.


Yet the Trudeau Liberals would have Canadians falsely believe licensed firearms owners can now go shopping with handguns strapped to their belts and firearms slung over their shoulders as they enter the hockey arena to watch a game.


It’s utterly absurd and shameful.


Perhaps it’s time the Liberal Party of Canada and Justin Trudeau tell the truth to Canadians for a change, instead of turning the truth on its head just so they can fraudulently raise a few bucks for an election.