Federal Government Launches Program to Bring High-Speed Internet to Rural and Remote Areas

July 23, 2014


Federal Government Launches Program to Bring High-Speed Internet to Rural and Remote Areas


Owen Sound, ON – Recently, the Federal Government announced the launch of Connecting Canadians, a new Government of Canada program that will bring high-speed internet to 280,000 Canadian households that currently do not have internet or have slower access. Larry Miller, MP for Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound, is encouraging all residents who do not have internet access or have slower access to the internet to participate in a consultation process to help to the Government identify areas in need of funding through this program.


Between now and 2017, the Government will invest up to $305 million to extend access to broadband internet at a minimum of 5 megabits/second (Mbps) to 98% of Canadian households. The program will target rural and remote communities in Canada.


In advance of funding being available to Internet Service Providers for specific areas, the Government is giving Canadians an opportunity to provide feedback on their current internet connection. An interactive map and survey form is available online at www.ic.gc.ca/ConnectingCanadians. The Office of Larry Miller will also be accepting information from residents of Bruce and Grey counties who are not able to submit feedback through the online consultation system. Those who do not have access to the internet can contact Mr. Miller’s office at 519-371-1059.


“The Federal Government is committed to providing broadband access to rural and remote areas. There are several areas in Bruce and Grey counties that could be eligible for funding through this program,” said Miller. “I strongly encourage all residents with no or limited internet access to provide feedback through the online consultation process or by submitting feedback to my office.”


Local Internet Service Providers are also invited to submit information on their current coverage of specific areas as well as areas that require further coverage. This information can be submitted on the Connecting Canadians website listed above. Information should be submitted no later than August 30th, 2014.


Consultations with Canadians and Internet Service Providers will take place this summer followed by a call for applications from Internet Service Providers to apply for funding for targeted local projects. Specific projects will be chosen in the Spring of 2015 with construction of infrastructure to begin in 2015.


For more information or to participate in the online consultations please visit https://www.ic.gc.ca/eic/site/028.nsf/eng/h_00587.html.