Miller Supports Amended Reform Act

April 7, 2014


Miller Supports Amended Reform Act


Ottawa, ON – Recently, Michael Chong, MP for Wellington-Halton Hills, introduced an amended version of his Private Member’s Bill, the Reform Act. Larry Miller, MP for Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound is supportive of the newly introduced bill.


The Reform Act 2013 was introduced in the House of Commons last December and was subject to considerable debate and discussion. Many Canadians and MPs, provided suggestions on how the bill could be improved and the newly introduced bill is reflective of these suggestions. The short title of the new bill is Reform Act 2014 in order to differentiate it from the previous bill.


The amendments in the new bill will:

  • Increase the number of caucus members required to trigger a review vote from 15 to 20 per cent;
  • Mandate that the names of those requesting a review vote of the party leader be made public;
  • Redefine a majority vote in a review as that of the entire caucus rather than just those caucus members present;
  • Replace a locally elected nomination officer for each electoral district association with one for each province and the territories;
  • Maintain the power of party leaders to deregister a local EDA;
  • Put the leader review rules in the Parliament of Canada Act rather than the Canada Elections Act.


“I am supportive of the goals that the Reform Act is attempting to achieve to improve democracy in Canada,” said Miller. “The newly introduced bill shows that Mr. Chong is open to suggestions and is being reasonable and flexible when it comes to the bill. When the bill comes to a vote in the House, I will be voting in favour.”


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