MP Larry Miller Gives Statement on Firearms Regulations

April 3, 2014


MP Larry Miller Gives Statement on Firearms Regulations


Ottawa, ON – Yesterday, Larry Miller, MP for Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound, gave a Member’s Statement on firearm regulations in Canada. Below is the text of the statement:


Mr. Speaker, our Conservative Government has always stood up for law-abiding hunters, farmers and sport shooters.  Let’s look at our record. 

We eliminated the useless Liberal Gun Show Regulations, we have not allowed the UN Firearms Markings Regulations to come into force, we brought common sense to the Explosives Act regulations, and let’s not forget that we, once and for all, ended the wasteful and ineffective long-gun registry. 


And there is more to do.  The Minister of Public Safety committed to bringing forward measures to tackle the RCMP’s arbitrary ability to reclassify and confiscate private property of law-abiding Canadians. 


Everywhere I go across my riding, law-abiding gun owners thank me for this work that has been done.  However, it appears not all parties share this approach. 


The Member from Esquimalt Juan de Fuca, when discussing the reclassification debacle said that “This is an example of exactly what we said when the gun registry was being eliminated: that it would create obstacles to the police in doing the work they need to do to protect public safety”.   


This is another clear example that the NDP Leader would bring back the long-gun registry, should he get the chance.  That is why Canadian gun owners know that only the Conservative Party will stand up for their rights.”