MP Larry Miller Welcomes Funding for Local Water and Wastewater Projects

July 18, 2017




MP Larry Miller Welcomes Funding for Local Water and Wastewater Projects


Owen Sound, ON – Recently, the Federal Government announced funding for a number of projects across Ontario through the Clean Water and Wastewater Fund (CWWF). Among the recipients for funding were several communities in the riding of Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound totalling $2,401,366.


The CWWF targets projects that will contribute to the rehabilitation of both water treatment and distribution infrastructure and existing wastewater and storm water treatment systems; collection and conveyance infrastructure; and initiatives that improve asset management, system optimization, and planning for future upgrades to water and wastewater systems. A complete list of projects funded in Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound has been attached with this release.


“I am very pleased to see that a number of projects in Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound have been funded through the CWWF. These are certainly vital projects to the health of any community and I look forward to seeing their completion,” said Miller. “However, I am very disappointed that as the local Member of Parliament I was not informed of this funding. I discovered that these projects had been funded when a reporter tweeted about the funding announcement claiming that a project in my riding was among the recipients. This Government promised to be open and transparent but time and time again have proven that they are being anything but that. It is disappointing that the Government would play politics with something as fundamental as community infrastructure.”


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