MP Larry Miller Welcomes the Launch of the National Conservation Plan

May 15, 2014


MP Larry Miller Welcomes the Launch of the National Conservation Plan


Ottawa, ON – Larry Miller, MP for Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound, welcomes the launch of the National Conservation Plan (NCP) which was recently announced by the Federal Government.


The NCP, a commitment of the Government in the 2013 Speech from the Throne, will provide a coordinated approach to conservation efforts across the country with an emphasis on enabling Canadians to conserve and restore lands and waters in and around their communities.


The NCP will include significant investments ($252 million) over the next five years (2014-2019) aimed at: securing ecologically sensitive lands, supporting voluntary conservation and restoration actions, and strengthening marine and coastal conservation. New initiatives will be designed to restore wetlands and encourage Canadians to connect with nature close to home through protected areas and green spaces located in or near urban areas.


“I am very pleased to see that Government has launched the National Conservation Plan, which will serve as a roadmap for conservation efforts over the next five years,” said Miller. “I hope to see several conservation initiatives in Bruce and Grey Counties supported through this plan.”


The Plan will expand opportunities for partners, including municipalities, environmental interest groups, hunters and anglers, landowners and community groups, to take practical actions to safeguard the land and water around them in relation to the three priority areas:


  1. Conserving Canada’s lands and waters
  2. Restoring Canada’s ecosystems
  3. Connecting Canadians to nature.


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