Petition e-770 (Tax System)

February 9, 2017

Petition to the Minister of Finance

•Camping is a quintessentially Canadian activity that speaks to our history and identity as Canadians;
•Each year, over 5.8 million Canadians – and thousands of international visitors – participate in camping at over 2347 private campgrounds, making this a very popular and affordable family activity;
•Most of these campgrounds are small family-run, active businesses that provide recreational services to short term and seasonal guests;
•Campgrounds in Canada have relied on the small business tax deduction for many decades thereby allowing campgrounds to expand their businesses and contribute to economic growth and job creation;
• Unless the federal government acts, 75% of campgrounds in Canada are in jeopardy of closing due to the tripling of their tax rate; and
•The Standing Committee on Finance has recommended that income earned by campgrounds is classfied as “active business income”.

We, the undersigned, citizens of Canada, call upon the Minister of Finance to ensure that Canada’s tax policy with respect to campgrounds is updated and announced on or before Budget 2017 so that campgrounds are recognized as “active businesses” similar to other tourism operations (e.g. hotels) in order that they may claim the small business tax deduction.

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