Reject the Carbon Tax and Sign the Petition

October 7, 2016

Prime Minister Trudeau and his government will be imposing a national carbon pricing scheme on all jurisdictions across Canada by 2018, despite having promised to work collaboratively with provinces and territories. In fact, while the PM announced his plan in the House of Commons, provincial and territorial environment ministers were blindsided during a simultaneous meeting held in Montreal.
On September 22, 2016, e-petition e-585 was initiated by Bernard Hancock, an oil and gas worker from Vancouver, BC currently employed on a rig near Grande Prairie, who has struggled to find work during the downturn.  It is crucial we stand up to the Trudeau government and show united opposition against this tax that will make life more expensive for all Canadians.
If you agree that Prime Minister Trudeau is wrong to unilaterally impose this job-killing, cash-grabbing tax, please sign this petition.