Statement from MP Larry Miller

March 19, 2013

For Immediate Release

March 19th, 2013

Statement from MP Larry Miller

It has come to my attention today that a protest over the recent fishing agreement signed and announced by the MNR with SON, is being planned and linked to me in my role as a Member of Parliament. I want to make it very clear that myself, my staff or my office have absolutely no involvement in any public protest over this issue or any other.

It was brought to my attention late last week by a constituent that a protest of some kind was being floated. In another call from a constituent I was also asked if I would present a petition in the House of Commons if it was handed in to my office. I have always had a policy of tabling all petitions delivered to my office regardless of whether I agreed with the petition or not and will continue to do that.

While I totally understand the anger and frustration in the community, if groups or individuals wish to protest the agreement, they should only carry out that protest in a peaceful manner and respecting property rights etc. I would very strongly urge anyone planning a protest over the recently announced fishing agreement, that they direct their frustrations towards the Provincial Liberal Government and not the native community. It was the provincial government, through the MNR who sold out the sports fishery so ultimately the provincial government should be the target of any protest.

I also want to clarify a statement I made in a number of interviews last week in regards to comments about some people suggesting violence. I was simply pointing out that a number of people who contacted me after the agreement was announced, suggested violence as an option. I in no way support violence as an option in this or any other matter.